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Karel Malimánek

Karel Malimánek Karel Malimánek

The head of the production, Born 23.4.1965.

  • The promoter of bungee tradition in Czech republic
  • Producer in Czech TV- Extreme, Survive, Extrachallenge, Air Plane
  • Production assistant TV Markiza „The Island of Treasures“
  • Training in adrenaline sports- Phoenix, USA
  • Holder of Certificate North American Bungee Association- the highest creditation for safety
  • Course „Surviving in the wild country“- New Zealand (Milford Track National Park)
  • Holder of the acreditation for training the sport instructors with Ministry of Education acreditation
  • Production Assistant in Czech TV- „I can do everything“ TV Nova „Big Brother“


Bronislav Mikulášek

Bronislav Mikulášek Bronislav Mikulášek

Technical coordinator, Born 15.8.1967

  • Programme director for regional TV station (sport and news service) 3 years working experience
  • Production assistant Czech TV and TV Markiza- Extreme, Survive, Extrachallenge, Air Plane
  • Spent 1 year in international centre Clear Lake Foundation – California USA (attended courses, lectures, workshops)
  • Traveller, correspondent for traveller´s internet servers: Poutník, iKoktejl
  • You can find him in „Who is who Book“ in Czech republic


Peter Hámor

Peter Hámor Peter Hámor

Technical coordinator, Born 13.7.1964

  • Famous Slovak mountaineer, Mount Everest
  • Member of one of the most difficult mountain projects 7 SUMMITS – overcome of all the highest mountain peaks in 7 continents over the 2 years.
  • Climbed in Himalaia, Pamir, Al-Taj, Caucasus
  • Productin in Slovac TV and TV Markiza- sport magazines and enterprize programs, Big Brother
  • Owner of KROKUS travel agency
  • OProducer of International Film festival of Mountain Movies in Poprad
  • Mountain Guide and rescuer TANAP


Jitka Mikulášková

Jitka Mikulášková Jitka Mikulášková

Catering service, born 9.3.1974

  • Worked as Headwaiter and Assistant of Diningroom manager for Royal Carribean Cruise Line for more then 2 years
  • Keeper of international degustation exams (up to the DIN, ONORM and ISO standards


Our instructors?

  • Firemen, Policemen, amateur sportsmen, university students, pedagogues, scouts, mountain guides.
  • Photos of our team


Any other questions?

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