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 The most important sense of Entertaining program for groups and individuals is to have fun, have a good laugh, abreact and relax. This program is more indoor located. The focus is not based on sport accomplishment. Of course, during summer time we realize many of the activities „outdoor“.


Mysterious Ruin of Castle – Return to XIV. Century

Cornštějn Mysterious Ruin of Castle

eambuilding program will surprise you by the beauty of the location and variability of the program schedule. The program can be „spiced with“ historical settings: for example Medieval swordsmen, Fire-show, music, Amateur theatre comedy, Medieval pub, Sleeping under the sky in Ruins of the Castle etc.

What can you do there?

  • Painting the Coat –of – Arms
  • Adrenaline jump from „Hant´s Tower“
  • The Cross-bow and Long-Bow shooting
  • Climbing Web to Draw-bridge
  • Passing the Castle morass
  • Making the fire by Tinderbox
  • Extinguish the fire – Logistic game
  • The combination of Rebuses and Brain-teasers which will lead you to the Castle treasure trove

The program is placed in beautiful ruins of medieval castle Cornštejn, one of the dominanting features of Vranov are in South Moravia (more info about this location). Right in the middle of winding stream of Dyje river, on the edge of cliffs of National Park Podyjí is placed torzo of the castle. Inside the Ruins you can expect rich sporting program, many kinds of prepared complications and twisters, brain-teaser match with the „Hant“, adrenaline jump and giant cableway starting from crumbling walls and ending in cove (300 meters distance).

The structure of the program is based on collecting the indicias which are leading you to find the castle treasure trove stashed to an unknown location. The historical settings are very important part of the production. WE can build the medieval Pub right in the castle court, smoking –chamber, catering of great food made on fire, all this with original medieval music.

Centrepiece of the evening program is the show of Amateur theatre Company, life show of medieval Knights and fire show. We strongly recommend spending the night in the ruins of castle chambers or at the fire in the sleeping-bag. The sky full of stars, great food and drinks at the fire are great oportunity for friendly atmosphere. We have to one will miss the hotel room!




Are you interested in this sort of activities?

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