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These types of programs are built as the combination of competitions, games and coaction oriented disciplines. These programs are great opportunity to get know each other. Each team has to be combination of staff from different departments and sections of the company.

This programs are usualy taking place in the nature in the most interesting locations of Czech Republic. We offer many kinds of adrenaline activities (passing the fear and cumbers), physically more exacting sporting activities, logical and psychological rebuses, but also simple physicall activities. This all can take place in your teambuilding program. Choosing the right amount and type of activities, detailed planning and estimation of the capacity are created in cooperation with you and your ideas. We want to know in which areas does you team need to get a new impulse. Only then we can put all the peopletogether „on the boat“ and to let them pull together.

One of the awards is evening relaxation. The program can be joined on by some of our Evening activities.


Rope jumping at Vranov reservoir / from the barrage, across the lake, into a cellar

Sportovní programy Rope jumping

One of the most popular programs takes place at Vranov Nad Dyjí. Vranov location is one of the most beautiful, but also one of the warmest areas of Czech Republic. Vranov is called as Moravian Adriatic (for it´s Vranov reservoir). We all can enjoy the day full of adrenaline and exercises. The day rich in humour and fun. The end of the day can be spent in magical wine-cellar. What alse can wish? (More about this location).

Detailed structure of the program:

  • rope jumping — running down the 80 meters long barrage wall
  • Swing jump — Vranov Golden Gate Bridge (20 meters) – pendulate jumping almost to a water level
  • Amusing and sporting games on the beach of the reservoir
  • Quadricycle Ride
  • Horse or bicycle ride through the National Park Podyjí
  • Fly Fox — cableway from the rocks to the water
  • Rope activities — in the woods or on the rocks
  • Bungee rafting
  • Wine- cellar — wine – tasting, delicatessen from the smoking chamber and barbecue, great sorts of Czech wines, final contests



Are you interested in this sort of activities?

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