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We know how to create turn-key operation for your clients, partners or your staff. The competition projects are creating team work atmosphere but also support emulation. In connection with the experience, adventure techniques can be used as great marketing strategy.


The Island of Treasure Troves

Cornštějn The participants Of The Island of Treasure Troves

This program was first time produced as consumer´s competition of Coca- Cola company Slovak republik. The final part of the competition was placed in Philippines. This program is made for the company looking for unusual locations and exclusive program.

The Island has the owner, the lucky man, who has found lost Galley with Treasure trove many years ago. Part of the Treasure was changed into the currency and payed contruction of a new Island closed to Philippines. The Island looks like lost paradise, great location for exclusive program. Great accomodation and catering are placed under the palm trees wild nature.

The accomodation capacity of the island is limiting. Our clients as a groop are usualy left on their own. You can get there only on the original catamaran ship, waiting just for you. Everyone is amazed not just by beauty of the sea and tropical nature, but there are also plenty of amazing areas around the island with interesting activities. Diving in the corals is the obviosity. The journey through forest into darksome caves, or cableway in the trees top are good surprises. Moving from one island to another and riding on the warm fresh-water springs are unusual experiences for everyone.




Are you interested in this sort of activities?

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