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Amazing adventures where one´s blood runs cold and brain is overfilled by endorphine! Surpass your own possibilities, emotions, cooperate in the most unusual situations. This all will give you our adrenaline programs.


Our new speciality — speleology minimum with the experience for the entire life


Adrenaline activities at Zvikov – cableway at Zvikov

Adrenalinové programy Cableway at Zvikov

Within the scope of this adrenaline program we can prepare a huge amount of strong adventures. The experiences from these activities will last in you forewer. The program is placed in beautifull South Bohemian nature at Zvikov castle, only 90 minutes from Prague (More detail about this location).

Some of the activities:

  • Bungee Jumping — 45 meters just to the water level
  • Fly fox — Giant cableway (300 meters long, 45 meters high) during the summer your journey ends in the water...
  • Swing jump — Giant swing on the rope (Free falland swing in between of bridge pillar)
  • Rope activities — Rope down, speleting, paternoster, Maxi - Web
  • Low ropes — rope hurdles and activities installed in the woods around the castle
  • Paintball
  • Orienteering — with map, target practice
  • Lumber-Jack multicontest
  • PShuttling on bike through foot –log

Adrenaline journey into undergound

Výlet do podzemí Adrenaline journey into undergoundí

Do you wish to walk through medieval archway in one of the largest undergrounds in the Europe? More then 100 km long. If you do not suffer from clithorophobia and if you like to test your personality in unusual situations – we can promise that you will be charmed.

The labyrinth of Znojmo underground is not open for public. The underground is divided into four floors. We will open a hood for inspection chamber and you have to find a way out with the help of our signs. You have to be ready for struggle through the narrow tunnels and gaps, for possible lose one´s bearings. But you can see clarion neverending wells. We will supply you by flash lamps and protective clothing. For these who are afraid of this form of adventure we can prepare more „gentle“ option. You should walk through the public- open underground with chip of wood looking for bottle of fine wines and untiwst the brain-teaser. Protective clothing is not needed for this activity.




Are you interested in this sort of activities?

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