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Activities » On the ground

Jízda na minibike Activities on the ground
  • Aerotrim

    The simulation of weightlessness, convenient for these who want to forget their ordinary troubles.

  • Bungee running

    Test your strenght by running while attached to a bungee rope. Ideal activity for parallel team competition.

  • Face to face

    Two climbers climbing up a transparent climbing wall.

  • Quadricycle

    Cross- country adventure on strong quadricycles

  • Mountain bicycles

    One of the classical activities. Align your body by mountain bicycling.

  • Bubble

    Do want to know how your laundry feels in the washing machine? Let´s go down hill in a transparent air- bubble.

  • Minibike

    You can enjoy the feelings of a minibike racer.

  • Newsflash: Cross-country cart

    You can prove your driving skills..


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